About OBRA Galeria Alegria


José E. Alegría, the founder of OBRA gallery, descends from a family deeply related to the Puerto Rican culture. His father was a great collector of art. His grandfather Jose S. Alegría painted with Francisco Oller and Díaz Mackenna. His uncle Jose “Popi” Alegría was the proprietor of the best gallery of art of Puerto Rico during the decades of the 50's to 80's, and the respected Don Ricardo Alegría, his uncle, known as the “Father of the Puerto Rican culture” founder of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture.

From early in its youth Jose was interested in the arts and began collecting works of Latin-American artists. After his banking career, he decided to establish a space dedicated to the arts.

This brought about the birth of OBRA Galería Alegría in 2000, with the assistance of Don Ricardo Alegría.

From its very beginnings, OBRA Galería Alegría dedicated exhibitions to the works of the great teachers of Puerto Rican and international art. Also focusing on important contemporary artists like Domingo Garcia and Nick Quijano.

OBRA Galería Alegría has been awarded for three consecutive years with the Annual Prize in the category of Collective Exhibition granted by Critics of the Puerto Rican Association of Art (AICA), reaffirming OBRA Galería Alegría as one of the most important galleries of the country.